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Our journey with breeding started with Zara, a blue and white sphinx lady. I got her for a birthday present. Zara as the consummation of my desires dazzled his kind, character keeping everything under his supervision after all. The love towards her has grown as time passed and it turned out to be so strong that I felt that it was the right time to by my second sphinx. This was the beginning of me having Tea, who has confidently bought her possession in the new home. To complete the family I have bought Szamoca a brown tabby sphinx a boy. After Szamoca, our family of cats has grew again with the newest member of the cat family Zaramon Esprada, who was the first new born I had. In 2009 the fruit of the love of Zara and Szamoca, Mezy was born in a newer successful litter. Mezy who has totally whipped me off my feet with her beauty and her unique characteristics, it was soon clear that she was a keeper and was not for sale. The cats health is very important for me, and for this I do my very best to protect them. My cats Fiv,Felv, Fip, and HCm have all passed the health test with negatives, I repeat the testing every year. I ask you to take a look at the "Grooming" section of the site, where I write a more detailed description about, cleaning, feeding, and every other important aspect of having a Sphinx cat.

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