The following things I'll write I write from experience. When I bought my first cat, I didn't really know much about the sphynx. I didn't have any other cats either because I'm alergic to pet fur. These cats are absolutly perfect for people like me as well. The first couple of days weren't that easy but now it's great. It wasn't just me who had to get used to the new cats, but my dogs as well. After just 5 days during the day they took naps together. Of coarse only at day time because during the night they slept with me and my husband. Even up until now they all sleep with us. I don't mind it at all, I love them. My husband didn't really like them in the beginning but now h's used to them. The not only get along with my dogs but with other animal as well like bunny, and even with other cats. They really like children, they allow them selfs to be played with and to be loved. They always want to be around their owners. They are really inteligent and are easily taught. The cats find the hot spots in the house for example the radiator, under the blanket, or even in the closets. Still if you find that they are cold it is ok to put a shirt on them. People might think that they'll catch a cold or some kind of illness but they are still as strong as other cats.

To care:

I only give them the best food. Dried food is always in front of them, and sometimes give them cheese, chicken, fish and ect. Their digestive system is really fast.

The cats really love taking baths but in a prefilled tub, because they dont like the sound of the water coming out of the tap. I clean the cats with skin friendly shampoos, which are pH balanced. I clean their ears once a week, because it can get really dirty, I cut their nails twice a week. Their eyes you can clean every day, with soft tissue, the same that people use for baby care. DO NOT use body lotion on the cat's skin, it will plug in the pores. Spynx need a lot of care but there is an advantage, their fur does not fall out, because they dont have any. They love climbing trees in the summer. I take them out on lees. The summer they like tanning, and in the winter they will not move away from the radiator. Never try to keep them locked up in cages or in small places, they love being around people.

Never try to keep them locked up in cages or in small places, they love being around people.